SIMS Student App

SIMS Student App

SIMS Pupil App enables pupils to see school calendar events, timetabled lessons and their homework.


We have now launched the use of SIMS Pupil app with all pupils, giving them the opportunity to register with the service using their own personal devices, smartphones, tablets or via the web.

As the service offers the opportunity to register using Google, Facebook, Twitter, or Microsoft Accounts we realise that pupils under the age of 13 should not have social media accounts.  We have therefore created a Google account for all pupils using their school details.


Please follow the guidance below when first registering

    • Make sure you have not already downloaded the SIMS Studentapp and if so delete it
    • Log onto school website at home
    • Click Email in the top left hand corner, and logon using your school computer logon e.g. 16BloggsJoe
    • Enter your school password (This is normally HpsXXXXXX (where xxxxxx is dob ddmmyy)
    • Find the email from noreply@sims and click the ‘click here’ link
    • Login to the SIMS app using your Google account (Pupils can use social media if they are over the age of 13)  (A Google account will have been created for pupils and given out by mentors, along with the password)
    • Pupils will then be asked to enter their date of birth to register.

Pupils can also register and then access the service via the web

If you are still having difficulty then please come to the Exams/Data office with your phone/tablet.