Maths develops specific parts of their brain, particularly the left side, as well as problem solving, logic and reasoning. Numeracy is an essential skill in our complex world.


The Maths team consists of a group of highly qualified, enthusiastic and motivated staff.  There is a huge breadth of experience ranging from primary experience to post 16 and beyond.

At Humphrey Perkins we encourage students to explore the real life uses of Mathematics whilst ensuring that all aspects of the curriculum are covered in an engaging way.

In Mathematics students develop their skills and are assessed using a variety of strategies that enable their understanding to be probed whilst developing their problem solving skills.  We consider it to be extremely important that students not only know the answers but can challenge their own ideas on how to get them.

In Years 7 and 8, we are currently using the Kerboodle MyMaths resources.  MyMaths is a course, created with the MyMaths team that fully addresses the new National Curriculum for Key Stage 3 Mathematics. The course has been written to help students develop and embed their mathematical fluency, reasoning and problem-solving skills during KS3 for sound progression to KS4 and beyond.

In Years 9, 10 and 11 all students are following the new AQA Linear course taken over 3 years. We have a range of alternative pathways on offer which are designed to meet and stretch the needs of students based on their ability and designed to give individual students the best Mathematical education possible by the end of Year 11. They include pathways such as Entry Level Mathematics for those who are finding it difficult to access GCSE, GCSE Statistics and GCSE Further Mathematics Award for those students needing stretch.

At all stages, students will have access to a wide variety of electronic resources, from text books to web-based activities, homework and revision. Whilst still mastering the specific skills required for Mathematics, the emphasis is placed on functional skills and the ability to apply knowledge. At GCSE students will require a high degree of functionality to achieve the high levels they deserve.  A scientific calculator will be needed throughout the 5 year curriculum and one investment at the start of Year 7 should last a student throughout the five years at Humphrey Perkins School.

Maths Presentation from the Maths Subject Evening October 2019