Fabulous Poetry

Coronavirus Closure

Following government guidelines, Humphrey Perkins is now closed. The Cedars Academy in Birstall will be open to children of key workers at Cedars, Humphrey Perkins, Martin High and our primaries, Highcliffe, Riverside and Hallam Fields who have registered for a place

January 14, 2020


by Arabella Aouni  Year 7

Humphrey Perkins
Is such a great school
I’ve met loads of people
They’re really cool

At first I was
A bit apprehensive
But Humphreys is
A great Comprehensive

Here you can develop
Your hopes and dreams
And learn to work well
As part of a team

Maths is my worst subject
English, my best
To learn a new language
This is my quest

Miss Matthews is teaching me Spanish
It’s fun
I’m hoping to use it
Someday in the sun

Science is interesting
With Mr Swain
We’re learning about forces
And their different names

Mrs Piper-Gale and Mrs Bartram
Are hardworking Heads
Their ambition is
To get Humphreys ahead

After school and lunchtime
There’s lots to do
Sometimes you struggle
To make time for the loo

On Fridays it’s parent time
With Mr Guest
He takes back suggestions
To give to the rest

My first days at Humphreys
Went by in a daze
At times it felt like
I was lost in a maze

I now feel so happy
To get a place here
And I’m looking forward
To a challenging year