SEN & Vulnerable Students

At Humphrey Perkins we are always seeking new and innovative ways to personalise the learning for every student, responding flexibly to the nature of any difficulties to ensure there is no barrier to achievement.

Our commitment to fulfilling individual potential is exemplified by the broad and balanced curriculum offered at Humphrey Perkins School for all students.  We organise our teaching to provide for the individual needs of each student. This is particularly so for students with special educational needs. We plan and operate a differentiated curriculum, within each mixed ability group and use setting in order to ensure access, without limiting entitlement, for each student.

We will seek to match the level of help we offer to the needs of the individual student. The SEND Team are a dedicated, highly skilled and aspirational group of staff who facilitate learning by identifying needs and matching provision to support individual attainment and wellbeing. We have a large team of Learning Support Assistants who run small group interventions or support students in their classes. All support is aimed at helping students to become independent, resilient learners who access a range of stimulating and rich learning opportunities.

Finally, the best progress for all students is made when a partnership exists between home and school. This is particularly true for students with special educational needs. 

Parents are welcome to contact the school in order to discuss their concerns. There are regular parents’ evenings throughout the year and parents can make an appointment to discuss their child’s progress with the relevant Head of Year and SEND Co-ordinator at any time during the year.

Useful Information
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