Humphrey Perkins School values the importance of appropriately challenging homework, in order to consolidate learning and prepare students well for future work to come


Teachers value the importance of homework and the contribution it has towards learning and progress; teachers are expected to assess, reward and give formative feedback to students around the quality of homework and where appropriate, highlight strategies for improvement. Students are expected to complete homework activities to the best of their ability, in their exercise books, as part of the main body of their work, and should clearly date and title the activity, ‘Homework’. 



In Years 9, 10 and 11, Homework is set weekly for all subjects. Each piece of KS4 homework should take approximately 30-45 minutes of focussed concentration to complete and each homework activity is set in addition to exam and formal assessment revision. Homework for Years 7 and 8 is set weekly in Maths, English, Humanities, Languages and Science; each activity should take approximately 30 minutes of focussed concentration to complete. All homework timetables are available on the school’s website.


The school is responsible for

    • Setting homework for all years in line with homework timetables
    • Ensuring homework is appropriate, relevant and challenging
    • Logging homework for all students through Beehive
    • Encouraging homework completion through reward and where appropriate, sanction
    • Assessing the quality of homework through marking and feedback
    • Communicating effectively with students, parents and other staff


The student is responsible for

    • Completing homework to the best of their ability
    • Attempting homework before the deadline, in order to ask for help in good time before it is due deadline
    • Organising time outside of school to ensure homework can be completed
    • Ensuring you have the correct equipment to complete the homework


Valuable Parental Support

    • Using the Parent App to monitor your child’s homework
    • Developing a positive and productive approach to homework
    • Discussing homework with your child
    • Communicating with staff if there are questions or concerns
    • Ensuring an environment conducive to learning at home

Humphrey Perkins recognises the value of our students reading regularly. In addition to homework set by subjects there is an expectation that all of our students allocate at least 20 minutes a day to reading at home. Our library is stocked with a huge variety of books which our students can utilise.


Homework Timetable 2019-2020

    • All homework will be set during lesson time and on SIMS - this can be viewed by downloading the Beehive App onto a portable device such as a mobile phone or iPad.
    • Parents will be able to view all homework set via the Beehive.
    • Pupils will usually be given a week to complete homework unless it is a quick learning homework.
    • It is expected that all homework will be completed to the highest standard. Non-completion of homework will be recorded for parents to see plus the consequence given within each department.
    • Any extraordinary reasons for non-completion of homework will need to be supported by a parental letter or email.
    • Homework days will depend on the subject and teacher. Homework days should be written on the front of exercise books.
    • In addition to regular subject homework, students are actively encouraged to read regularly using our excellent range of books available in our library.

Pupils will be set a different amount of homework each week in relation to their Year Group.

Years 7 and 8: At least 5 per week, maximum of 7

Years 9, 10 and 11:   At least 8 per week, maximum of 9 per week

Years 7 – 11 once per week
(History or Geography)
Years 7 – 11 once per week
(French or Spanish)
Years 7 – 11 once per week
Years 7 – 10 once per week
Year 11 once per fortnight – complete GCSE paper
Years 7 – 9 once per week
Years 10 and 11 once per week for Double Science, twice per week for Triple Science
(GCSE PE only)
Years 7 – 9 none
Years 10 – 11 once per week
Years 7 – 10 homework set when appropriate
Year 11 once per week