Tutor Groups

Coronavirus Closure

Following government guidelines, Humphrey Perkins is now closed. The Cedars Academy in Birstall will be open to children of key workers at Cedars, Humphrey Perkins, Martin High and our primaries, Highcliffe, Riverside and Hallam Fields who have registered for a place

Tutor Groups 2019-2020
YEAR 7 Group
Ms Broche 7AB
Mr Dawkins  7RD
Mrs Miller 7AM
Mr Wyatt  7SW
Miss Crossland and Mrs Brennan 7CB
Mr Whiles 7TW
YEAR 8 Group
Miss Mee 8KM
Mrs Wellington 8EW
Mr  Brown 8AB
Mrs  Smith 8LS
Miss Peckett and Miss Ojari  8LP
Mrs Savage and Mrs Gascoyne  8HS
YEAR 9 Group
Mrs Paramore 9PP
Mrs Oles  9GO
Mrs Cole and Mrs Miller 9RC
Mrs Cooke and Mrs Gascoyne  9JC
Mrs Grocock  9SG
YEAR 10 Group
Mrs Foster  10VF
Mrs Lockton  10SL
Mr Turner 10JT
Mrs Promosso 10KP
Mr Swain 10OS
Mr Harrison 10DH
YEAR 11 Group
Mrs Matthews 11HM
Miss Hopkinson 11KH
Mrs Premdjy and Mrs Quail  11PQ
Mr Webb  11PW
Mr Fenton  11MF
Mrs Scriven 11SS