Uniform and Equipment

School Uniform Policy 

As a School our reputation depends in part upon the appearance and behaviour of all of our students.  Uniform helps our students feel a sense of pride and belonging to our school community and prepares them for the world of work. All Humphreys students are expected to be neat and tidy in their appearance and to wear school uniform in school, on the journey to and from school, and on school occasions.

Our school uniform, designed and chosen by our students, is smart, attractive, easy to obtain, and good value.  Students must be in full uniform for school each day, including any days when there are school trips (unless they are instructed otherwise by staff).

The Humphrey Perkins School Uniform Policy is strongly supported by both students and parents.  Every staff member is responsible for ensuring that the uniform code is strictly followed by every student and any infringements are dealt with and reported to parents, tutors, Heads of Years or the Pastoral Team (if continual uniform issues persist). 



School Blazer
The school jumper is not an alternative to the blazer
School White Shirt
School Tie
Any Humphrey Perkins tie (either clip on or traditional style tie) can be worn by any student in any year group. traditional ties must be tied correctly at all times i.e. the length should be to the top of the trousers or skirt and top button of the shirt must be buttoned.
School Black Trousers
Not jeans, combats or chinos
Skin tight trousers are not allowed
School Black Pleated Skirt
Knee length and not skin tight
‘Floaty’/skater skirts are not allowed
To be worn around the neck displaying name card
Plain black sensible leather or leather effect shoes
Lace, slip on, buckled or velcro are permitted
Canvas shoes or trainers with colourful logos and airbubbles are strictly not permitted
Plain black leather style trainers in the style of Converse or Vans are permitted  
Plain black or flesh coloured tights
Plain black ankle socks
(white, frill tipped, long black or over the knee socks are not permitted)
An optional school jumper is available if students require something under their blazers (other jumpers/hoodies, etc. are not allowed)
Waterproof jacket/warm coat worn over the blazer only when outside in wet or cold weather
Plain black belt with plain buckle


General Appearance - Hair and Make-up

    • Make-up to be minimal
    • Nail polish or coloured nail extensions (gel, acrylic, etc.) are not allowed
    • Hair should be of a natural colour and not contain exaggerated colours (e.g. red/purple/green/pink)
    • Extreme hair styles are not permitted (e.g. Mohican, skinhead, unkempt dreadlocks and patterns shaved into the hair)
    • Students with facial hair are to ensure it is trimmed, tidy and well groomed
    • Belts should be plain black without logos or added coloured buckles
    • Badges can be worn if issued by the school



    • One pair of stud or small sleeper earrings only, no other piercings are allowed
    • Ear expanders, dangling or hooped earrings are not permitted
    • No other type of facial or body piercings are permitted, including clear or retaining studs


PE School Uniform

    • School PE polo shirt 
    • School shorts or tracksuit bottoms (no alternatives)
    • Black or white socks
    • Trainers
    • Football boots (optional)
    • Gum shield and shin pads (highly recommended)
    • School PE hoodie (optional)

Students and parents should check uniforms and if necessary replenish any items that have been lost or damaged during the term. Students not in full school uniform will be loaned the correct uniform for the day. Items borrowed must be returned or a charge may be incurred.


The following items are strictly not permitted

    • Black cardigans or sweatshirts
    • Hooded tops - aside from HPS hooded PE sweatshirts, hooded tops of any type are not permitted to be worn in school under any circumstance
    • Jeans (blue or black), shiny trousers, chinos, leggings, skinny/fitted trousers and trousers which are not full length (i.e. do not touch the shoes) 
    • White, coloured or patterned socks and tights, knee or thigh length socks
    • Coloured or badged belts
    • Any kind of footwear other than plain black leather or leather effect shoes - please click here for full guidelines
    • Trainers other than in PE
    • Tattoos

This is not an exhaustive list, and subject to addition or change by the school.

The school uniform, as on the approved uniform list, must be complete and carefully worn. Students may be sent home if they arrive at school incorrectly dressed and parents’ co-operation in the enforcement of these standards is most earnestly sought.  No deviation from the school uniform will be allowed; it must be complete and worn with pride.

Uniform and dress code will be checked each morning and at the start and end of each lesson. Staff will also check and challenge incorrectly dressed students around the campus throughout the school day.

If a student is inappropriately dressed they are expected to rectify the issue immediately by either addressing the infringement or borrowing the correct uniform.

If the uniform issue cannot be rectified in school the student will be sent home to rectify the issue, and parents informed.  If this is not possible the student will be isolated for the remainder of the day, and for subsequent days until the issue has been resolved.

Uniform can be purchased from Example School Wear, Unit 2F, Sileby Road Industrial Estate, Sileby Road, Barrow upon Soar, Leicester LE12 8LP. 01509 813888. www.exampleschooluniforms.com

For uniform size guide click here

Any issues or difficulties in financing the purchase of our school uniform should be referred to Mr Cross at the school for further action or advice kristian.cross@humphreyperkins.org.uk



    • Every student is expected to provide the following basic items of equipment for all lessons: pencil case containing black pen (and a spare), pencil, ruler, eraser, calculator; reading book and an appropriate bag to carry all equipment.  In some subjects text books will be issued on loan.
    • Expensive equipment and large sums of money should not be brought into school. The school cannot be responsible for the loss of student's property which is brought on site against the advice and rules of the school.