Behaviour Sanctions

In the event of unacceptable classroom behaviour, staff use a 2-stage discipline procedure as follows:



Failure to show positive behaviours

Warning: the teacher will issue a Warning (C1) and remind the student of appropriate behaviour.

C1.1 Not equipped ready to learn

C1.2 Uniform/Lanyard (missing item)

C1.3 Not working hard

C1.4 Work not PROUD

C1.5 Not respecting each other or the environment

N.B. 3 x C1 logs in one week will result in a one hour after school detention.



Behaviour which does not meet school values

Consequence: the teacher will issue a Consequence (C2).   This will mean that the student receives a one hour after-school detention. Failure to attend will result in the detention being upscaled to a further sanction e.g. two hours after school detention, Isolation.

C2.1 Late (3 minute movement time permitted)

C2.2 Persistent failure to comply

C2.3 Persistent disruption to learning

C2.4 Inappropriate behaviour at social time

C2.5 Non-completion of homework

C2.6 Confiscated device


Incidents of extreme and/or serious behaviour are logged as a C3.



More serious behaviour

Extreme behaviour: Incidents are dealt with very seriously (C3). Depending on circumstances, students may be issued with a range of sanctions (e.g. two hour after school detention, a period of reflection in isolation, hosting in another school or suspension).

C3.1 Physical altercation with another student

C3.2 Discrimination towards another student

C3.3 Verbal or written abuse towards a member of staff

C3.4 Violent/dangerous/inappropriate behaviour

C3.5 Theft

C3.6 Vaping/Smoking/Illicit substances

C3.7 Serious incident

C3.8 Truancy